12 Core Values of Thais

12 Core Values of Thais

1. Upholding the nation, the religions and the Monarchy, which is the key institution 

2. Being honest, sacrificial and patient with positive attitude for the common good of the public 

3. Being grateful to the parents, guardians and teachers 

4. Seeking knowledge and education directly and indirectly 

5. Treasuring the precious Thai tradition 

6. Maintaining moral, integrity, well-wishes upon others as well as being generous and sharing 

7. Understanding, learning the true essence of democratic ideals with His Majesty the King as the Head of State 

8. Maintaining discipline, respectful of laws and the elderly and seniority 

9. Being conscious and mindful of action in line with His Majesty’s the King’s statements 

10. Practicing the philosophy of Sufficiency Economy of His Majesty the King. Saving money for time of need. Being moderate with surplus used for sharing or expansion of business while having good immunity

11. Maintaining both physical and mental health and unyielding to the dark force or desires, having sense of shame over guilt and sins in accordance with the religious principles 

12. Putting the public and national interest before personal interest. 

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Policy of the Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha