Historical Background



"Office of Project Management", 

was originally established as "Hydropower Division" under Royal Decree Organizing the Royal Irrigation Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives B.E.2494 (1952), which defined to classify an organization structure of Royal Irrigation Department into 13 divisions and 96 sections. The Hydropower division was ranked 7 th in the lists and responsible for project planning, large scale water resources projects management, collaboration and operation with consulting company, foreigner and international finance institutes. The hydropower division, at the time, was the first government organization having the responsibility for supply hydropower to generate electricity, calculating, design and operation on large scale barrage for hydroelectric power. Such duties were separated into 3 sections as follows:

1. Large scale barrage section was in charge of calculating and design for barrage and appurtenant structures.

2. Turbine section was in charge of turbine design to change hydropower to manpower.

3. Generating Electricity section was in charge of calculating and design for electricity generator by installating turbine to control electricity generating by hydro-power.

Performance and Activities of the Hydropower Division

In 1952 - 1975, the Hydropower Division was established to perform activities under the government policy on consideration of large scale hydroelectric generating source for sale low price to the people. In this connection, Yanhee Project, and later, renamed as "Bhumipol Dam", the first project was constructed at Mae Nam Ping, Yanhee Subdistrict, Samngao District, Tak province in 1954 - 1964.

Thereafter, the Sirikit Dam was constructed as Royal Decree Organizing the Royal Irrigation Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives B.E.2518 (1975) at Pha Som Subdistrict, Tha Pla district in Tak province. The Royal Irrigation Department was divided into 22 divisions and 12 Regional Irrigation Projects, 162 sections within. Hence, to proper and in line with PC system (Position Classification of Office of the Civil Service Commission), the "Hydropower Division" renamed as "Project Planning Division", having responsibility for project planning, conducting report on medium scale project, foreign affairs in dealing with loan project, survey and economic analysis.

Project Planning Division are divided into 8 sections as follows:



1. Administration Section

2. Policy section

3. Feasibility Report on large scale project Section

4. Feasibility Report on Sub-project Section

5. Foreign Project Section

6. Economic Section

7. Computer operation Section

8. Technical Document Section

Preparing for Master Plan, Basin Study in nationwide, preliminary report, feasibility report, technical assistance for water resource development, study on socio-economic concerning agriculture and irrigation, control and apply computer system to be effectively use.

The developing procedure for Intra-departmental administration under the Royal Decree Organizing B.E.2527 (1984) is to improve a responsibility of various divisions including the Project Planning Division, by added monitoring and evaluation work and environmental impact Assessment. But while the computer, foreign affairs works and document translation are separated. Such reorganization is divided 7 sections as follows:



1. Administration Section

2. Project Planning Group 1

3. Project Planning Group 2

4. Project Planning Group 3

5. Economic Section

6. Project Evaluation Section

7. Environmental Study Section

Planning, survey and collecting data on engineering and socio-economic, environment and others in order to study and stipulate a policy on water resources management in nationwide, and to provide for preliminary report, basin development and feasibility reports including to cooperate with financial institute and international organization for technical and financial assistance as well as environmental impact assessment so as to Enhancement and Conservation of Environmental Quality Law B.E. 2535 (1992) and project monitoring and evaluation for beneficial on project management.

Later on, planning and budget division and project planning division is integrated into "Office of Planning and Project" as Royal Decree Organizing the Royal Irrigation Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives B.E.2540 (1952). There are 2 sections in the office; namely project planning section and planning and budget section to responsibility are as follows:

1. To formulate plan in order to meet with the policy and master plan of the Ministry as well as to accelerate, monitor and evaluate the performance of subordinate departments.

2. To establish and allocate the fiscal budget.

3. To survey and collect data to entries into database to study and stimulate for a policy on water resources management all over the country.

4. To prepare a preliminary report, project planning and feasibility reports on water resources management

5. To monitor and evaluate the irrigation projects.

6. To operate or support the operation of related agencies or assigned woks

And then the restructure of office of planning and project was done by taking out of programme branch. So, the Office of Foreign Financed Project Administration Division, which is carried out international cooperation, Loan and grant projects, was gathered to "Office of Project Management", to function as issued in Royal Decree Organizing the Royal Irrigation Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives B.E.2545 (2002), and Ministerial regulation (No.1) as follows:

1. To study and prepare preliminary report, project planning and feasibility report of water resources development all over the country.

2. To monitor and evaluate the irrigation projects.

3. To administrate foreign financed project in order to meet with the objective of contract, government regulation, and also responsible for foreign relations work.

4. To cooperate with or supporting the operation of other offices or divisions as assigned by the Department.

Reorganization of the Office of Project Management can be classified into 1 section, 3 divisions and 4 groups as follows:

1. General Administration Branch

2. Project Planning Division

2.1 Project Planning Group 1

2.2 Project Planning Group 2

2.3 Project Planning Group 3

2.4 Project Planning Group 4

2.5 Project Information Management and Planning Group

3. Economics and Social Group

4. Project Evaluation Group

5. Project Environment Group

5.1 Environment Group 1

5.2 Environment Group 2

6. Project Planning Standards Group

7. Foreign Financed Project Administration Division

7.1 Loan Project Branch

7.2 Foreign Activity Coordinating Branch

7.3 Contract Administration Branch

7.4 Grant Project Branch

7.5 International Cooperation Division

Restructuring of Functions and Responsibility of Office of Project Management

Recent Functions

Office of Project Management has responsibility for study and planning on basin and irrigation development at basin level, and water resource development project in accordance with the National Economic and Social Development Plan including policy and strategy of the office by considering in the potential relationships of resources use and environmental impact assessment. The outcome of performance derived analysis on economic financial, social and institute/organization aspects including people participation, contributes to strategy, procedure and plan for irrigation project development of the department.

Furthermore, the project monitoring and evaluation, data analysis and research caused by project activities also contribute to the project goals in order to compare with the result of project report, and enable to apply this information for other projects planning. About Foreign Affairs work, Office of Project Management has responded to water resource development, loan and grant projects; cooperated with countries to knowledge exchanging and appropriate technical cooperation with a view to driving an agriculture and irrigation development towards sustainability.

Water Resources Development Planning is a task having the complicated system in kind of Multi-disciplinary. Hence, the staff shall be in charge of several technical tasks, and to apply knowledge and experience to proper use for department's mission.



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